In the field of human behavior and psychology, the notion of identity, whether a person's or an organization's, speaks to the things that make them unique—that rich and varied set of characteristics that fuels differentiation and fires contribution. Within this field, identity is the most powerful force.

Just look around. Every day, identity surfaces as a major issue in every walk of life—lifestyle trends, politics, religion, education, science.

For all the attention it receives in business, however—typically, as the company's name, its logo, its brand, or the soft "glue" that holds the organization together—
identity has never been recognized as the singularly powerful force it is. Until now. My aim in writing this book has been to bring this force to bear and, in doing so, to foment a revolution of the soul—the soul of human enterprise and achievement. My purpose was—and remains—to help companies realize their full potential... to help leaders lead more effectively and people live richer, more productive lives.

Welcome to the world according to identity.
Identity is Destiny. Picture of the book by Laurence D. Ackerman.